Overcoming stuff….

Overcoming stuff….

I have been through some things and its probably been my own doing or not but anyway am here to talk about things.

its so easy for all of us to choose the hard way and i don’t even know why i do it but i do. May be its my rebel persona.

I consider myself a fairly decent guy but i get very anxious about life , love , my well being and lots of things and i forget to look after myself.

I forget to give thanks to God for the beautiful life he keeps giving me everyday, i eat too much . I sleep too much , I don’t want to read, I don’t want to work out, i don’t want to be loved. I just want to be.

Seems like a fun thing but its actually sad. I miss good people, i miss love, i miss mind engaging  dialogue and stuff like reading.

I have to be better.

I will be more grateful, I will work harder, I will exercise. i can do these things for sure effortlessly as i learn to allow the others to come to me.


Maybe guilt is just a feeling of needing forgiveness for example i would like my mom to forgive me for not calling more often. At the end of the day we all just want to be kind, honest and fair and whenever we stray from that path, guilt is always there to let us know.

Am sorry mom.


People everywhere are so wary and we like to think of “TRUST NO ONE” as the safest way for one to be but I have found it to be untrue.

lack of trust cripples families and organisations and leaves people stranded, alone and unsuccessful.

 In contrast the presence of trust is golden. It makes teamwork easy, communication honest, optimism abundant and the work place profitable and pleasant.

Trustworthiness is the single greatest quality for creating leadership.

Social prejudice and it’s toll on many including me

I only got aware of the effects of social prejudice when I applied to teach English which am very good at as it’s pretty much the only language I speak well however I was not competitive because of the way I looked and my passport hence I could not teach in this particular organisation. It made me realise that prejudice in whatever form certainly destroys the value of human capital whether it’s based on sexual orientation, race, religion or sex.

I thought of the luddites during the industrial revolution of the 18th century who were against progressive technological inventions and hence destroyed a lot of industrial machinery in favor of manual labor.

I wondered what political reasons were behind this ideology and thought of the constraint I was put under as well as the students who would have enjoyed learning from me because we were all denied the opportunity to progress.

My human capital was destroyed and the potential for those natives to learn English from me was denied us. The natives will probably grow up thinking somebody has to look a certain way to teach English among many other things this situation can create. It stunts growth.

Humans spend so much  time resenting those they believe threaten their social position and it’s a big threat for minorities and their capabilities. This leads to less innovation and a high cost of human capital because we put people in unnecessary boxes. 

We should do away with prejudice because I believe all humans come from the same stock and an innovative solution to a problem could be with a prejudiced individual but due to his/her marginalisation based on gender, race, religion or sexual orientation we don’t get a progressive solution because one has been denied the opportunity to develop their human capital

Why climate change adaptation is critical for Uganda despite low GHG emissions?

Due to Uganda’s vulnerability to global warming and climate change impacts, adaptation to climate change is critical to keep temperatures rising above 2 degrees by the end of the century.

The masses in Uganda rely on natural resources making the country vulnerable to impacts of climate change as it can affect agricultural livelihoods, human settlements, water, energy, health, disaster risk management.

I, like many other Uganda’s don’t know how we are going to commit resources to climate change relevant strategies with a national budget under 10 billion dollars and so many sectors still in need of critical attention so it’s my genuine concern, however let’s not lose heart as we have support of the international carbon market mechanisms and climate finance instruments.

The circumstances in Uganda make for a grim reading with an area of 240,000 square km most of it covered by water and wetlands.A whole lot of politicking going on hence it’s more likely financial aid given to Uganda to combat climate change will be diverted to cater to selfish interests.The country has a high population of over 35 million people with low per capita income of under 500 dollars which makes it a peasant nation that needs to transform to a more modern and prosperous nation.

Ugandans are mostly vulnerable and very few respond to the agendas of climate change under the UNFCC to which Uganda is an active participant.

Impacts of climate change facing Uganda today include but are not limited to :-

  • Changing weather patterns
  • Drop in water levels
  • increased frequency of extreme weather events
  • human activity such as deforestation.

Climate change has affected a wide variety of sectors and the national budget has allocated so little to adaptation. It’s scary to think that if we carry on this way we will be facing temperature increases of up to 2 degrees within 50 years and upto 2.5 degrees within 80 years.The impacts would cost Uganda more than its current annual budget for the agriculture, water, energy and infrastructure sectors alone.

Due to a high percentage of the population living on under 2 dollars a day, many in slums in the city and the rural areas will have a hard time adapting to the impacts hence making climate change adaptation critically urgent.

The government needs to improve climate change resilience by enforcing laws that reduce green house gas emissions so that we can move to a low carbon future and climate funds have to be increased as well as more stakeholders being more involved.

My kelimutu experience Indonesia chapter.

Kelimutu is one of the most famous volcanos in Indonesia because of the unpredictable color interchanging lakes located on its peak. It’s the only place in the world where this amazing color variation takes place.The natives believe it to be the resting place of their ancestors hence the color variations depending on the mood of the ancestral spirits.The colors are usually green, blue and blood red.

kelimutu is found in flores the same place where one will find the big komodo dragons.

I advise anybody planning to visit to go around the months July and August  as its not foggy then and best you get up very early so you are at the lakes by sunrise.The closest accommodation is a fair distance away and don’t forget hiking shoes.

The town at the base of kelimutu is Moni.flights from Bali to Ende are regular.from Ende to Moni takes about 3 hrs drive. Enjoy Kelimutu, it’s quite a site

Why should Uganda have a climate change proposal?

  • I think we have a good opportunity for an impressive and improved national process as it will reunite different ministries for it to be effective.
  • job creation opportunities will be enhanced for a largely unemployed youth and educated population.
  • enhanced engagement of stakeholders in planning
  • acceleration of national climate change policy process.
  • improved internal and domestic communication: govt to public

    What is Uganda’s emissions reduction proposal?

    • Revert to climate change policy

    (Review strategies, plans, actions for low greenhouse gas emissions, time frame and what our mission is for every year)

    Uganda’s stand on climate change

    Uganda is a country whose economy thrives greatly on agricultural output and as a farmer I feel the environment and climate are getting harsher by the day making it harder and more costly to pursue farming. I am so happy about the climate change proposals Uganda is undertaking and here is my personal take on where we can possibly do better as a growing nation.

    INDC’s are good because:-

    • I presume there will be improved communication between the government and the people of Uganda through climate change campaigns.
    • funding from the climate adaptation fund should be invested in better national climate inventories.
    • INDC’s will guide us on nationally appropriate climate mitigation actions and ensure they are enforced.
    • Low emission development strategies will be implemented
    • clean development mechanism projects and institutions will develop.
    • job opportunities will be created for youth to enforce the INDC objectives

    Challenges and Gaps for Uganda

    • Limited expertise for assesing technical options
    • lack of certainty on what should be included in INDC’s
    • securing high level political support to get anything done
    • time frame for undertaking process is too short
    • lack of coordination for example between government ministries when getting information
    • lack of understanding in other sectors or ministries about climate change
    • lack of agreement on priority mitigation options
    • difficulty with engaging relevant stakeholders
    • Lack of internal agreement on desired ambition level.
    • delays in parallel process related to INDC’s
    • Conflict with other political priorities